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RREAL was founded in 2000 by Jason Edens, a high school teacher with a keen interest in solar technologies and a vision for a better way to help struggling families through the winter. Supported by a group of dedicated volunteers, RREAL operated from Jason’s basement and garage for five years. RREAL remained an all volunteer organization until 2005, when organizational development and fundraising had matured to a point where Jason was able to dedicate himself full-time. RREAL has been mushrooming in growth ever since. Late in 2006, a significant jump in RREAL’s capacity was made through the Americorps VISTA program. RREAL has had available the talents of 7 full-time VISTA members.

RREAL is now far from its humble basement roots, and operates out of a fully equipped facility on the Hunt Utilities Group research campus in Pine River. We are a lean, green, fully functioning manufacturing, contracting, research and advocacy machine! Meet our staff.

RREAL is made possible by environmental and social justice advocates like you! In collaboration with numerous agencies, private donors, volunteers, and program service dollars, we are able to support our efforts! Find out how you can help!

Because RREAL is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit, our financial information is public information. Enjoy!

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