Solar-Powered Furnace

The SRCC certified Solar Powered Furnace (SPF) is the industry leading, state of the art, solar air heating system. These patent pending solar panels are designed and manufactured by RREAL to integrate seamlessly with residential and commercial buildings of all sizes. Made in USA.

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Read on to learn about how the SPF works and how we’re bringing this exciting technology to areas of the country that need it most.

The SPF is SRCC certified as the most efficient Solar Air Heating collector manufactured in the country! It also delivers the most BTUs per dollar in its class!

Check out the Return on Investment page and then use the new SPF Savings Calculator to see how much energy and money SPFs could be saving you at your site!

Take a look through the products we offer and review the SPF 3-part spec sheet.

We can design and install a system that is right for you or we can put you in contact with a dealer near you.

Made in USA