Solar-Powered Furnace:

Return on Investment

Solar Air Heating systems are among the most efficient and affordable solar energy technologies available. The Solar Powered Furnace often performs at more than 3x the efficiency of solar electric systems and can be installed for only a fraction of the cost. When sited appropriately, Solar Air Heating systems will pay for themselves quickly and go on to provide several decades of clean, locally sourced energy for residential and commercial buildings alike. Solar Thermal Systems are often a very sound investment, both environmentally and economically as seen below (click on image to enlarge).

Below is an example of how a small solar system consisting of two SPF32 panels should perform on an average propane heated home. Like all renewable energy technologies, Solar Air Heating systems are very site specific. You can use the Savings Calculator at the bottom of this page to estimate how effective a Solar Powered Furnace may be for particular site.


Now that you’ve seen how a Solar Powered Furnace Solar Air Heating system can perform on a typical home, you can use the Savings Calculator to see how much you can save at your site!