Solar-Powered Furnace:

SPF Savings Calculator

Solar technologies are a highly effective and economical option for meeting modern energy needs, but only when appropriately deployed at a suitable site. This calculator is provided as useful tool for estimating the feasibility of installing solar air heating technology at locations throughout the United States. Estimates are as accurate as possible and are not a guarantee of system performance or financial savings. Through proper use and optimization of the solar thermal system, performance and output may be substantially increased. If your site is predicted to be a suitable candidate for the implementation of a Solar Powered Furnace, we recommend that you schedule a site assessment to more precisely account for the specifics of your site such as seasonal shading, mounting options, and financial incentives that may be available to you.

Please read through Return on Investment to familiarize yourself with the savings graphs. You can also review the directions below and short video overview before you download the SPF Savings Calculator v2.85*.

* An up-to-date version of Microsoft Excel, or compatible spreadsheet software, is required to use the calculator.