Solar Assistance

RREAL delivers solar air heat to low-income families on energy assistance (LIHEAP) as a lasting solution to fuel poverty. Solar Assistance fosters ecological health, social equity, and self reliance while providing families with decades of renewable, domestic energy.

The cost of home heating is volatile and has been rapidly rising for more than 30 years- much faster than people’s incomes. Solar technologies offer freedom from these rising costs while simultaneously eliminating toxic emissions from burning fossil fuels. Unfortunately, however, solar technology remains out of reach for many lower income households; the very people most impacted by rising heating costs.

RREAL’s flagship program, Solar Assistance, addresses this injustice by  installing solar heating systems in partnership with low-income families that qualify for federal energy assistance. These solar systems provides several decades of relief from rising fuel costs while  fostering ecological health, social equity, and self-reliance.

Government fuel assistance continues to remain a very important and valuable program, helping millions of families from being left in the cold every winter. But what keeps those same families from needing assistance again next winter?  Solar Assistance provides a lasting solution to fuel-poverty with an environmentally, economically, and socially appropriate technology.

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