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MN Map
for Solar Collaboration

Totally Awesome Map for Renewable Energy Collaboration

Working with Partners to Create the Tool We Needed

We wanted to find a way to combine siting solar projects while considering their potential for social and economic benefit.

That's why RREAL, Clean Energy Research Teams (CERTS) and the University of Minnesota's Center for Urban and Regional Affairs (CURA) partnered to create the Totally Awesome Map for Renewable Energy Collaboration.

map screenshot.png

This map has overlays for county, municipal, and tribal boundaries, utility service areas, electric lines and substations, school districts, poverty and eviction data, and more. We know this map will assist in future RREAL projects, and we hope it is useful for allies in clean energy development.

Big thanks to our friends at CERTS and CURA, and to then-engineering graduate student, Michael Karavolias for their work and collaboration on this project.

If you have questions or ideas for collaboration, please contact Nik Allen at

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