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Solar for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity Solar Partnerships

In Minnesota, 1 in 4 households experiences housing insecurity at some point in their lives due to unpredictable rent prices, relocation, & lack of access to affordable housing.


Habitat for Humanity helps address housing insecurity by building affordable homes. ​ Even after a home is built, the costs of homeownership continue, which includes the ongoing and increasing cost of energy. ​ 


RREAL works with Habitat for Humanity to identify households that could benefit from reduced electricity bills due to a solar energy installation, then we add a solar array to new Habitat builds, & together we create greater financial stability for new homeowners in our region.

Affordable Habitat Home

Affordable Habitat Home


Solar Energy Savings

Greater Financial Stability

Solar for Humanity Projects

What Energy Poverty Means

On average, low-income households spend about one fifth of their total income on energy-related expenses, straining already tight budgets.
Struggling families are forced to make the impossible choice between home energy costs and other basic necessities, such as food and medical care. 
Fortunately, families can receive support through public assistance, but a stopgap is not a solution. At the national level, we are hemorrhaging public resources without providing a long-term solution or addressing the root causes of energy poverty.

RREAL's Solar for Humanity projects receive generous support from Michael Senescall and those who contribute to his Charge4Change initiative, which is instrumental in making this work possible.

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