Our Team

RREAL's team boasts a diverse array of perspectives, backgrounds, and skills. What do we have in common?
A passion for making solar accessible to communities of all income levels. 


Nicole Saccoman is RREAL’s Chief Financial Officer, also supporting Real Solar’s efforts. Nicole began her accounting career at RREAL after accepting an internship in 2012 from CLC. From there, Nicole took the lead in the accounting department while attending Bemidji State University to pursue her Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting. Upon graduation, she moved on from RREAL to pursue an opportunity at a local CPA firm and eventually moved to WA state to become the Controller of UniEnergy Technologies, a manufacturer and installer of Redox Flow energy storage systems. Nicole’s passion for renewable energy and RREAL’s mission to empower low-income families had brought her back to RREAL in August of 2019. Nicole currently resides in Cape Coral, FL with her wife, 2 dogs, 2 cats, and their 2 turtles.

Chief Financial Officer

Nicole Saccoman

While obtaining her Accounting A.A.S. Degree, Brook was awarded the prestigious “Student of the Year” from our friends at Central Lakes College. Brook has years of experience in accounting, management, and leadership! She enjoys searching out new adventures with her three teenage children, who are more fun now than ever! Her other passions include learning new things, outdoor activities, star gazing, and traveling our beautiful nation. She also is a lover of the arts in all their various forms.


Brook Shire

Kyle Tschida joined RREAL part time in June of 2017. Hired shortly after high school, Kyle is committed to performing any duties that are needed for smooth business operations.

Office Manager

Kyle Tschida

John comes to RREAL after working as an executive director for community and economic development nonprofits in the Twin Cities for 20 years. He is passionate about improving the lives of people in low income communities and sees solar energy as an emergent strategy to serve this mission. If you ask him, he’ll say he is part real estate developer and part community organizer with a little contractor thrown in. If you ask him about the contractor part, he’ll cite the three historic homes in Stillwater he has restored and say there is nothing any good carpenter can’t do in two hours that he can’t do in two years!


John Vaughn 


Managing Attorney, Legal Aid Service of Northeastern Minnesota

Laurie Chamberlain

Principal, Islands Energy Program, Rocky Mountain Institute

Dr. Kaitlyn Bunker

Youth & Policy Manager

Climate Generation: A Will Steger Legacy

Sarah Goodspeed

Power Origination Manager, Clean Power Alliance

Tessa Haagenson

Retired, Former Executive Director, Community Action Agency

Davis Leino-Mills

Solar Assistance Recipient

Kitty Mayo

Software Engineer

Kay Paulus

Program Administrator, SBDC Consultant,  Cass County Economic Development Corporation 

Marina Lovell

Interested in becoming a board member?

Bold Woman

Retired Accounting Instructor 

Board Member Emeritus

Mary Jo Mettler

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