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K-8 Solar Curriculum

Knowledge is Power!
RREAL's NEW Solar Curriculum Now Available

Developed to National Next Generation Science Standards.

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These materials are free and 100% available for you to use. Please note that the concepts and activities can be easily adapted for older students and for use outside the classroom.

So, find the resource that best suits your age group and download the ones you want. However, we do have two requests if you are using the lessons.

Suggested Terms of Use:

  1. Provide us any feedback you may have to help us improve it.    

  2. Drop us a note to share where & with whom you used it so we can track its distribution.

Please email Nik Allen at with any comments, feedback, or questions.

Minnesota GreenCorps Volunteer Martha Risedorf was RREAL's lead curriculum developer. The project was supported by Minnesota GreenCorps, the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency, the U of M’s Regional Sustainable Development Program, and the Minnesota Clean Energy Resource Teams (CERTS).


Martha Risedorf

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“Educating students about renewable energy is invaluable in creating a green energy future for Minnesota. It is powerful to know that there is a clean, renewable way forward in energy production and I think children today realize the strength in that message.” 

- Martha Risedorf, RREAL

MN GreenCorps Intern

Through Solar for Schools, RREAL laid the foundation to expose thousands of Central Minnesota students each year to the power of solar energy with the arrays at Pine River-Backus and Pequot Lakes schools, as well as the Staples and Brainerd Campuses of Central Lakes College. We knew the next step was to build off that with a Solar Curriculum providing new learning opportunities with their STEM subjects and generating interest in careers in solar and other green energy fields.

We thank Martha Risedorf and all the organizations who contributed to make these renewable energy education materials free and available for use.


Knowledge is POWER!

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